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What to wear with brown shoes
Tuesday 28 October, 2014

What to wear with brown shoes

Brown shoes for women are not so common like black, silver, white, red and many other colours. The reason is, they do not work well with all the colours like black shoes. The trick in wearing brown with any color is, to be sure that touches of browns are worked throughout the entire outfit, and […]

Tuesday 21 October, 2014

Peep toe ballerinas trending in Rwanda

Peep toe ballerinas a.k.a Beyonce is trending now in Rwanda. Peep toe shoes are in general quite flattering because they show some skin at the tip of your feet. Open toe shoes have been the cutting-edge shoe trend for the past few years and will maintain its momentum just because they are sophisticated!   Annet […]

African print has vibrant colours and textures that designers use to 
create fabulous fashions
Tuesday 05 August, 2014

Middle age women takeover African print style

Some tailors in Kimironko market, Kigali city-Gasabo district say middle age women make the biggest number of the customers that buy and have clothes tailored using African print fabric (Kitenge). With the fashion industry growing a lot of people have their clothes locally made using different materials especially western and some use kitenge, an African […]

Kuri uyu wa gatandatu hazaba ubusabane bw’abitabiriye irushanwa rya Rwanda Premier Models Agency
Saturday 08 December, 2012

Rwanda : Kuri uyu wa gatandatu hazaba ubusabane bw’abitabiriye irushanwa rya Rwanda Premier Models Agency

Kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki 8.12.2012 hazaba ubusabane ku basore n’inkumi bahatanira gutorwamo abanyamideli ba mbere mu Rwanda. Iri rushanwa rizwi ku izina rya Rwanda Premier Models Competition ryateguwe na Rwanda Premier Model Agency rikaba ryaratangiye tariki 5.11.2012 rikaba ryaritabiriwe n’abasore n’inkumi bagera kuri 95. Ubu busabane nk’uko twabitangarijwe na Jean Claude Ndayishimiye umuyobozi wa […]

Why you should not rent, but purchase a wedding suit
Thursday 25 October, 2012

Rwanda : Why you should not rent, but purchase a wedding suit

In Rwanda, most men rent suits and nobody can blame them for it either, considering that they probably plan on wearing it for just a few hours. This is partly because these suits are too ceremonial and cannot work in many places.   When it comes to the weddings, it’s all about her from introduction […]

Blouses and sweaters
Wednesday 30 May, 2012

Rwanda | Blouses and sweaters to wear with Skinny Jeans

According to history, skinny jeans appeared on the scene in 1950 by some actors like Roy Rogers and 1960 by women due to gender promotion issues. In 1990, skinny jeans became a hot trend in fashion by prominent singers like Micheal Jackson. Because fashion evolves, baggy jeans (a.k.a big star in Rwanda now) replaced skinny […]

Rwanda Different celebrities in multi coloured casual maxi dresses
Friday 04 May, 2012

Rwanda : Maxi dresses can be worn for wedding parties too

Models in different designed and accessorized wedding maxi dresses While maxi dresses have been known as maternity dresses and free dresses to some women, it has become a party item due to fashion evolution. Since a wedding is a very special event for everyone in one’s life, different people wear wedding dresses according to their […]

A brooch
Wednesday 04 April, 2012

Rwanda : What to wear for a cocktail party

A cocktail party is a largely informal social gathering generally featuring mixed drinks and light refreshments for the guests. These days, a cocktail party can be anything from a swanky society affair to a low-key group of friends gathered around drinks and food tables. Since guests at a cocktail party are encouraged to intermingle while […]

Four Universally 4
Wednesday 21 March, 2012

Rwanda : Four Universally Flattering Clothing Colors

Colour can be referred to as visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to categories called red, green, blue and others. It plays an important role in our lives especially in dressing and decoration. According to Yolanda Wikiel, some hues bring out the best in everyone, regardless of skin tone or hair color. The following have […]

Black tie floor-length gowns
Wednesday 21 March, 2012

Rwanda : What to wear on a wedding

Choosing what to wear to a friends or relatives wedding party can be tiresome especially with various collections from different designers and fashion trend changing all the time. However, there are ways on how one can dress for any occasion and a guide to the modern do’s and don’ts of proper attire for a wedding […]