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Maternity Trends not to wear in 2015
Tuesday 27 January, 2015

Maternity Trends not to wear in 2015

In pregnancy there shouldn’t be a list of what to wear and what not to wear in terms of style. One should express herself however they see fit. Here are a few trends in maternity style that were, unfortunately loved in 2014 that maybe we should consider skipping in the New Year. T-Shirts that announce […]

Maternity style
Tuesday 20 January, 2015

Maternity style secrets for moms-to-be

It’s common for many women to slip in simple tent-like dresses when pregnant and most of them forego their style until the baby is born and they are back in shape. However, one can stick to prior dressing style and maintain a fabulous maternity wardrobe throughout. Here are seven effortless style secrets for a fabulous […]

How to mix prints like a fashionista
Tuesday 13 January, 2015

How to mix prints like a fashionista

Mixing prints and pulling off a look you desire can be difficult because prints on prints can be tricky. However, with guidelines, one can easily work it out. Here is how to mix prints. Choose a common color Mixed prints should have at least one colour in common. To avoid a shabby crowded look, stick […]

Tuesday 06 January, 2015

A must-have party accessories

Every woman should have wardrobe staples when it comes to accessories. They are the kind of accessories that help a woman pull off a party look in the easiest way. With these items, you will be ready for any special occasion, from a holiday party to friend’s wedding to a formal gala. Mix and match […]

How to accessorise a party dress
Tuesday 30 December, 2014

How to accessorise a party dress

The right accessories can add a sparkle to the boring party dress hanging in your closet. Not only are accessories cheaper than buying a whole new outfit, but make the whole outfit look fresh according to how you choose them. The trick is in owning the right accessories that are timeless to jazz up dresses […]

Saturday 27 December, 2014

How to wear circle skirts

Circle skirts are flirty, come in an array of patterns and fabrics and look fresh and modern. With their swirling fabric and snug nipped-in waists, circle skirts are feminine, sophisticated and easy for most body types to wear. But because of their fullness and midi- or shin-length hemlines, circle skirts can be a tricky silhouette […]

Timeless ’70s Trends that are trending now
Tuesday 23 December, 2014

Timeless ’70s Trends that are trending now

Fashion in the 1970s was colorful, bold and daring. Aside from leisure suits, oversized collars, polyester pants and crop tops, the 1970s spawned several fashion trends that still look chic and stylish today. Here are some of the timeless 70s trends that have withstood the taste of time. Wrap Dress   A wrap dress has […]

Wedding ideas for the cold season
Tuesday 16 December, 2014

Wedding ideas for the cold season

I recently attended a garden wedding reception but due to the chilly weather, chattering teeth and the feeling of wanting to leave before the ceremony ends was what I paid attention to. Its wasn’t hard to notice other guests were very cold as many ladies reached for their bags pulling out scarves and men removing […]

Go Retro 
Tuesday 09 December, 2014

Tips for choosing your wedding veil     

Much as it’s difficult choosing a gown, getting a right wedding veil is not easy as well. Revealing gowns are a great option for the bride who wants to make a daring statement, but a sexy dress can make choosing a veil tricky. Bridal fashion is getting pretty sexy recently, and cut-outs, plunging backs and […]

Short strapless dress looks great on a 20 year old
Tuesday 25 November, 2014

How to wear a strapless dress at any age

The perfect strapless dress (a dress without shoulder straps) can make you look simply stunning for a formal party or dinner party among others. It showcases your neck, collarbone, shoulders and upper torso in a classic, feminine way. Most strapless dresses are for formal occasions like wedding dresses and evening dresses. Strapless dresses work for […]