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Maxi dresses for spring
Saturday 08 August, 2015

Maxi dresses for spring

Spring is 8months away but there is nothing wrong in starting shopping right away. It’s better to pick up items in your own time and pace as it saves you from the pressure of spending much at once. During spring,days become longer and weather gets warmer, and nothing is as good as covering yourself in […]

White shirt wear 
Saturday 08 August, 2015

White shirt wear 

A white shirt can be paired with every bottom and worn in every season. It can be appropriate for every occasion depending on how you dress it up or down.A white shirt is a wardrobe staple that every woman should own. Below are some of the reasons you can’t live another without a white shirt. […]

The do's and don'ts of long sweaters
Tuesday 02 June, 2015

The do’s and don’ts of long sweaters

Of all the styling tricks in a woman’s wardrobe, the long (cover-your-butt) sweater is probably the most common. Call it a tunic top or boyfriend sweater, but it works well with skinny jeans and boots all the time. It offers coverage and easy style and a great strategic piece. If the sweater is too big or too […]

Shoes to pair with shift dresses
Tuesday 17 February, 2015

Shoes to pair with shift dresses

Shift dresses come back into fashion now and then. Shift dresses are flattering for every body type and there is probably a shift dress out there for women of every size and shape, and it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your body type. After finding the right dress, the next move […]

Best sandal styles to wear with Jeans
Tuesday 10 February, 2015

Best sandal styles to wear with Jeans

In warmer weather, most women wear sandals with shorts and skirts while in other places, some women prefer wearing sandals with jeans even in the hottest months of the summer. Whatever your choice is, here is the guide to the most jean friendly sandal styles. Thong Sandals Flat and simple thong sandals are great and they […]

U Rwanda rugiyekugiraInamankuruyokuzamura no gutezaimbereibijyanyen’imideli(Rwanda Fashion Council)
Saturday 17 January, 2015

U Rwanda rugiyekugiraInamankuruyokuzamura no gutezaimbereibijyanyen’imideli(Rwanda Fashion Council)

Nkukobisanzwemubindibihugubyateyeimbere, bwamberemu Rwanda hagiyegushyirwahoInamankuruyokuzamura no gutezaimbereibijyanyen’imideli, Rwanda fashion council (RFC) Mu rurimirw’icyongereza.Ibibyatangajwetarikiya 12 Mutarama 2015, mumuhango wogusinyaamasezeranoy’ubufatanyehagatiyaRwanda cultural fashion show na Kigali fashion week,zisanzweziteguraibikorwabigaragazaimideliy’umuconyarwandandetsen’iyohanzey’u Rwanda. Rwanda Fashion Council izatangizwakumugaragaromuriNyakanga 2015 mugikorwakiswe Fashion festival kizahuzaabahanzibavuye mubihugubyinshibitandukanyekuisi. Rwanda Fashion Councilikazabaariihurirory’abahanzibakoraimyenda (fashion designers) ndetsen’abayerekana mu bitaramo (Models), ahoizatezaimbereabakorauyumwuga mubumenyibwabondetse no kwitezaimbere mu mumiberehoyabo. John Bunyeshuli, uhagarariye Kigali Fashion […]

1.  One Statement Handbag
Tuesday 06 January, 2015

Accessories every woman should own

Everyone’s style is different and calls for different types of clothing and accessories in their closets.  However, there are a few universally versatile accessories out there that will make every woman feel like her wardrobe is complete, her look easily accessorized and that she is never without that finishing item to create a great outfit. […]

Kristin Davis, American Actress belts a cardigan for a pulled together look
Tuesday 09 December, 2014

Why you should wear a belt

Belts have become a fashion item lately than it is a functional item. Belts especially thin belts for women are used to accentuate the looks, therefore a need for all women to own one or two in the closet. Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age though both gender use them […]

Umunyamideli Francis Iraguha.
Friday 19 September, 2014

Francis Iraguha asanga kwitabira Rwanda Day bizatuma ibikorwa bye bigera ku rwego mpuzamahanga

Iraguha Francis, umunyamideli w’umunyarwanda umaze kugira izina rikomeye hano mu Rwanda asanga kwitabira Rwanda Day bizatuma ibikorwa bye byaguka bikagera ku rwego mpuzamahanga kandi bikanateza u Rwanda imbere. Uyu muhanzi w’imideli wamenyekanye cyane mu mashusho y’indirimbo “Ndarota” akaza no kujya akina filime, ni umwe mu banyamideli hano mu Rwanda babigize umwuga dore ko kugeza ubu […]

Tuesday 16 September, 2014

The best shoes for cropped pants

Cropped pants are those with hemlines that fall somewhere between the mid-calf and knee, they come in a variety of shapes and lengths. In some ways, cropped jeans or pants are no different from other outfits. There are a lot of factors that determine what will and won’t look good with them. The style and […]