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Saturday 16 April, 2016

What not to do with your jewelry

When you invest in jewelry, the last thing you want to have them spoiled before long. Some of the most common jewelry care mistakes people make on a daily basis, are the reason jewelry lose colour, shine among others. Lauren Thomann, Jewelry Expert offers some tips and tricks for each mistake, to help you care […]

Saturday 16 April, 2016

Wardrobe classics that need periodic updating 

Most of us think of our wardrobe as having slots to be filled: Perfect jeans, comfy boots, black flats, timeless handbag, and so on. Once a slot has been filled, it drops off radar. And rightly so! If you’ve already found your ideal Little Black Dress, there’s no need to constantly search for a better […]

Saturday 16 April, 2016

Sugaring hair removal recipe

You pick: Gel or paste Sugaring hair removal is very similar to waxing as it removes hair from the root when done properly. But along with being all natural it usually isn’t as painful because it doesn’t stick as much to the skin. You don’t have to decide now how you are going to use […]

Saturday 16 April, 2016

Comfortable shoes every woman should own

Every woman needs comfortable shoes at any point. Some go with a comfortable pair in their bags even when wearing heels. However, there is an alternative to wearing shoes without compromising your style. Below are the comfortable shoes that every woman should invest in. ASOS Mellow Flat Shoes A slender, pointed toe gives these loafers […]

What to wear with pink
Tuesday 12 April, 2016

What to wear with pink

Pink is still one of our favorite colors to wear when our wardrobe needs to be shaken up a bit. Whether you prefer bright jewel tones or soft subtle hues, try infusing just a hint (or a whole lot) of pink into your usual routine. Below are a fun, practical, pretty and easy ways to […]

How to wear culottes
Tuesday 12 April, 2016

How to wear culottes

The thought of wearing culottes can be a terrifying one if you have never tried them before. Culottes are women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt. They are on trend now and a fashion item in the fashion industry. If you are used to skinny jeans, it might be a risk […]

Saturday 26 March, 2016

Stylish ways to part your hair

Everybody has their own way of styling the hair. The best style depends on what works for you. Whatever style you choose, here is the way to do it according to hairstylists. The middle part Why and how: The signature style of ’70s beauties, this straight-down-the-center look is a chic option for any occasion or face […]

m_Types of female model2
Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Types of female models

In Rwanda, most people will think of runaway when they think of models. This is because fashion models are popular than other types of models as they model designers’ products in fashion shows. However, there are other types of models whose faces you wouldn’t see or names you wouldn’t know but make income working behind […]

m_How to shop like a fashion editor
Tuesday 22 March, 2016

How to shop like a fashion editor

Fashion editors do not buy everything on trend. They shop for classics that helps them achieve any look for any event or place all year around. If you want to know what a fashion pro would scoop up for her own wardrobe, Rebecca Daly, Real Simple’s senior fashion editor recommends the following items. Ruffle Sleeve Top […]

Monday 21 March, 2016

What to wear to an interview

A job interview is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your potential employer. Dressing for success is a big part of the interview process. If you’re wondering what to wear to an interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look professional and polished. While your interview attire […]