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How to wear foundation when you have dry skin
Tuesday 14 April, 2015

How to wear foundation when you have dry skin

If you have dry or severely dry skin, it can be a challenge to wear makeup, especially foundation, which can emphasize dry patches as well as fine lines. The wrong foundation will start caking, accentuate flaws and draw attention to flaking skin, as said by Gerrie Summers, Multicultural beauty Expert. How to choose a foundation for […]

Tips on picking the perfect lipstick for your skin tone
Tuesday 07 April, 2015

Tips on picking the perfect lipstick for your skin tone

Women take their make-up seriously that some of them would not step outside the house without it. Lipstick can put the finishing touch on a great makeup application or it can be worn alone to enhance a more natural look. The right lip color can help make you look gorgeous, while the wrong shade can […]

Tuesday 24 March, 2015

How to achieve ‘grown-up’ glamour in a puffy skirt

The good thing about fashion is its evolution. Puffy skirts are never out of fashion for too long. Puffy skirts are cute and nice to incorporate in the wardrobe but it has to be styled nicely and in a more “grown up” manner so it wouldn’t look too childish. This is because puffy skirts have […]

Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Ways to style medium to long hair in less time

Long hair offers the most styling choices, and its low-maintenance because you can go a few months between trims. To keep your hair evenly moisturized, shampoo two to three times a week and avoid over shampooing because it may lead to dry damaged ends. Here is how you can style medium to long hair in […]

Top styles of earrings for short women
Tuesday 24 February, 2015

Best Jewelry for Petite women

When trying fashion strategies to look taller and thinner, jewelry styling may not be the first technique that comes to mind, but believe it wearing a certain style of necklace, can make a difference. Here’s a round-up of top styles of jewelry for petites as well as some fashionable and very easy do-it-yourself jewelry projects […]

Saturday 07 February, 2015

How to Style Leopard Shoes

According to fashionistas, leopard is neutral and so should every woman own a pair in her shoes closet.When styling leopard shoes the key is to remember that the print acts as a neutral and can be styled almost any way black shoes can be styled. Here are tips on how to incorporate leopard shoes into […]

Styling curly hair in two minutes
Wednesday 04 February, 2015

Styling curly hair textures when you have less time

It’s smart to work with your natural texture most days and save straightening for special occasions. Curly hair usually looks its best when cut to a medium length; not too short, not too long. Styling curly hair when you have little time is simple yet produces better results. The secret to keep curls shiny and […]

A contour shape belt
Tuesday 30 December, 2014

The best belt styles for your body

Belts are a fashion item nowadays and almost every woman has one in the closet. With belts in many colours and styles and sizes, they are handy when it calls for a fashionable look. Additionally, women wear belts to create a curvier and more feminine silhouette (the dark shape and outline of someone or something). […]

The statement blazer
Tuesday 18 November, 2014

How to conceal a tummy

Concealing a tummy is somehow hard especially when the weather is hot and clothes get skimpier.  However, with the right fashion tricks, a woman can feel and look beautiful in clothing. The secret to hiding your tummy is focusing attention away from the problem area (tummy in this case). The pieces below will do the […]

m_Footwear to avoid with short skirts
Monday 15 September, 2014

Footwear to avoid with short skirts

Short skirts are good and are worn to show off legs. They can be paired with a lot of shoe styles ranging from wedge heels, kitten shoes, sneakers, flats and pumps among others. However, the following shoe styles on short skirts are a big no because they are too bulky Oxfords (Shoes with shoelace eyelets […]