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Hari ubwo bataha batabonye umukiririya
Tuesday 26 January, 2016

Ngororero: Abadefiriza mu masoko barasaba ubufasha ngo biteze imbere

Abagore bakora akazi ko kudefiriza mu masoko yo mu karere ka Ngororero barasaba abaterankunga kubazirikana bakabafasha kwagura ibikorwa byabo. Aba bagore bakorera hanze mu masoko, aho bicwa n’izuba cyangwa imvura yagwa akazi kabo kagahagarara. Nubwo batize umwuga wo gutunganya imisatsi, bavuga ko uburambe babifitemo bwabafasha kubikora neza baramutse babashije kubona ubushobozi. Nyirasafari Ernestine umwe muri […]

Tuesday 22 December, 2015

How to detangle your hair easily

Natural hair looks beautiful but the reason many people opt for the opposite is because maintaining it can be stressing. Knots, hair balls and snags could constitute a serious setback to your hair progress if you don’t handle them properly. As your hair grows longer, you have more length along which are tons of bends. Each […]

Monday 09 November, 2015

How to make your hair grow longer

It’s how you treat your hair that determines how much you will retain. All hair grows an average of ½ inch per month. Some women swear by vitamin regimens that call for popping pills all day long, while others cut their hair according to the phases of the moon. There’s no formula involved in hair […]

How to accessorize long necklaces
Monday 02 November, 2015

How to accessorize long necklaces

For many women, accessorizing can feel like an extra chore.  While it can seem overwhelming and time consuming, it really doesn’t have to be if you have versatile pieces on hand that you can just throw on to finish an outfit.  One of these pieces is a simple long necklace in either silver, gold or […]

Saturday 10 October, 2015

Recipes for homemade natural make-up

Make up is so much important in ladies’ daily life, but of course not all of them. If we were to check every clutch or handbag of women we meet on the way, make up kit is one thing you are sure won’t miss in the contents. However, some ladies much as they would love […]

Friday 09 October, 2015

How to bullet proof your eye makeup

On your wedding day, no one will give it a second thought if you shed a tear (or even totally bawl) while saying your vows. But avoiding looking like a raccoon afterward—or having your eye makeup fade after hours on the dance floor—takes a little pre-planning. There is a lot you can do create dramatic […]

Tuesday 29 September, 2015

How to wear haute couture statement earrings

Earrings are part of women, much as necklaces, make up, hair and heels. There is a lot of earring types and trends to choose from but there are times when all you need to feel pretty and reinvigorated is a great pair of statement earrings. Forget the necklaces, forget the bracelets, and explore some of […]

Summer hair accessories
Monday 14 September, 2015

Summer hair accessories

In the summer, many women love to put their hair up or pull it back because of the heat. For a quick and easy way to wear your hair, grab one of these hot hair accessories. Headbands Headbands are simple way to pull your hair away from your face and still look stylish. You can […]

Creative ways to wear a brooch
Monday 14 September, 2015

Creative ways to wear a brooch

Gone are days when brooches were meant to be pinned on sweaters or blouses unlike to day. Actually, some people wore brooches to fix something like keeping the shirt’s top button in place among others. However, as years go by, brooches have become versatile accessories that can give your outfit that extra touch. Brooches are […]

Saturday 01 August, 2015

Tips to sweat proof your summer make-up

Summer can definitely bring the heat, the humidity, and the unwanted sweat that seems to multiply everywhere before even getting a few blocks away from your home. Summer comes with a lot of activities from barbecues with friends, to outside happy hours that turn into long, unexpected nights of fun. While it is imperative to look […]