Tuesday 02 September, 2014

Styles that make women look fat

While some women would spend extra money to look slim and beautiful, the secret actually lies in what you wear! Some clothes chosen to give you the desired look…thinner and taller might highlight how short and fat you are.

Here are the ten worst fashion styles to wear if you want to look thinner and taller because wearing them will make you look bigger and shorter.

1. Skin-Tight Dress

Skin-Tight Dress

Wearing a dress that’s skin-tight is a big mistake if you want to look thinner and taller. Tight dresses reveal lumps and bumps and horizontal wrinkles in case they are appearing. The too-tight dress effect is likely to be multiplied if the dress also has other unflattering features, such as being too short or too revealing.

2. Full Skirt

Full Skirt

A full skirt on a short woman is a fashion fail because of its widening effect. Petite women should avoid skirts that are wider than they are long at all costs. The worst offenders include full circle skirts (the poodle skirt that was so popular in the 1950s is an example), gathered skirts (these produce a lot of fullness around the top of the hips), and pleated skirts (pleated skirts with stitched down pleats may be an exception depending on other style factors).

3. Skinny Jeans

 Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans look best when worn by skinny women. Just because skinny jeans are available in all sizes doesn’t mean that they’re a flattering style choice. Jeans with straight legs almost always look better on short women (unless they wear a tiny size) than skinny jeans do

4. Patterned Pants

Patterned Pants

If you are a short woman, avoid any type of pants or jeans that made from fabric with a pattern, whether it’s plaid, striped, floral, or some other print, rather than a solid color. Wear a dark solid color for the slimmest appearance.  Or you can opt for a very tiny pattern, such as a subtle check, in a neutral fashion colour because it will read more like a neutral solid hue.

5. Cropped Pants

 Cropped Pants

Cropped pants cut off the legs from a visual standpoint, they make women look wider, and emphasise a petite women’s short stature.

6. Bulky Sweater

Bulky Sweater

Bulky sweaters add pounds visually, even if extra pounds aren’t really there. Any type of bulky or oversized clothing is especially bad for the petite woman because of her already short stature. To look thinner and taller, it’s necessary to avoid heavy layers of fabric.

7. Puffy Down Coat

Puffy Down Coat

Like a bulky sweater, a puffy down coat not only makes women look fatter, but it also makes them look shapeless. Since neither is a desirable fashion effect, it’s a good idea to wear a more flattering coat style, such as a single-breasted, knee-length wool coat with princess seaming.

8. Ankle-Wrap Shoes

Wearing shoes with ankle wraps cuts off the leg line, visually shortening the figure. When short women wear ankle-wrap shoes, they also look wider. Ankle-wrap shoes have a heavy look too especially when in colour that contrast with the legs, tights or stockings.

9. Wide Belt

Wide belts add bulk and a horizontal line across the middle hence a bad idea for women who are trying to look slimmer. If the wide belt is in a contrasting color, it widens even more. A better choice for a belt, especially for short women, is a narrow belt in the same color as the clothing.

10. Choker Necklace

 Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces (close to the neck) shorten the neck making you look shorter and definitely fat. To look slimmer and taller, try wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline and a pendant necklace that falls inside the neckline to emphasis the lengthening V-neck effect.

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