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How to Clean Oily Hair

How to Clean Oily Hair

Fine, thin hair tends to get oily much faster than thick, full locks. Cleaning oily hair gets tricky without right products and techniques. Fortunately, there are some great products out there and a few simple steps you can follow to keep your hair looking clean and shiny, rather than oily and weighted down.

Here is how;

1. Use the right shampoo on a daily basis

The best thing you can do to remedy oily hair is to use the right shampoo on a daily basis. Stick with shampoos that are clear, rather than creamy, and ones that contain the ingredient Panthenol, which helps to thicken hair.

When it comes to conditioners, those with oily hair should really avoid overdoing it. However, if you feel that your hair does need conditioning, focus on the middle of your hair and the tips, avoiding your scalp which already produces enough oil to adequately moisturize your roots.

2. Practice Proper Technique while Cleaning Oily Hair

Technique when washing your hair is equally important to the products you use. Start with a small dollop of shampoo and begin gently massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips.

Thoroughly rinse your hair of shampoo until the water going down the drain is clean. If you choose to use a conditioner, apply a small amount of it to the middle of your hair and the tips.

Allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair for a few minutes and then rinse. You must be sure to thoroughly rinse out the conditioner after it’s been applied, as residual conditioner can exacerbate the greasy look you’re working to combat.

Finish by doing a final rinse of your hair with cold water, which will seal the pores on your scalp and help to prevent excess oil production.

3. Try talcum powder to absorb excess oil in your hair

If you are unable to wash your hair every day, or still feel that it’s too oily after being washed, you can rub a little talcum or baby powder onto your scalp after your hair has been dried to soak up any excess oils. This will also give you a little added volume.

Using the right shampoo on a daily basis, avoiding over-conditioning, and applying a consistent and thorough technique when washing can solve the majority of your oily hair issues. It’s really that simple and definitely worth the effort when you see the final results.

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