Wednesday 20 August, 2014

IRIS Pro-Films to promote local fashion models and designers

m_IRIS Pro-Films to promote local fashion models and designers

A model drinking milk from the traditional Icyansi (milk pot)

 In a bid to promote local artists, Iris- Pro-films is organising a cultural fashion show that will feature a variety of cultures by local and international fashion designers.

Cultural fashion show will feature designs from a variety of cultures including Amasunzu hair style, Rwandan clothes preferred since 1950-1962-2014, Umukenyero and Inshabure, East African clothing and collections from Europe, USA and Asia.

“We intend to promote Rwandan culture in fashion, local designers and models. Also we want Rwandans to know about other cultures,” said Celestin Ntawirema; CEO IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS company.

He noted the upcoming fashion event is a platform for over five local fashion designers to showcase their designs and share their ideas with international designers.

Ntawirema, who is an event coordinator managing director of IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS LTD asserts that the show will render designers a chance to advertise their designs since models will be photographed cat walking.

During the event, fashion designers and artists will sell their collections to the audience. This will take place before the event starts and after it ends, he adds.

Ntawirema highlights that the event will be graced by international designers from India and Pakistan working in Rwanda and the “best fashion designer” and “best model” will be rewarded at the end of the show.

 Cultural fashion show, an event that is organised by IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS to promote local fashions designers and models has become annual event following its success last year.

Organisers says that the move aims to promote fashion designers and create public awareness of the talent and quality designs in Rwanda as well as providing business opportunities, networking and leisure activities for the Rwandans.

Other activities to take place during the event include Art exhibition, live painting as well as an expo of designers’ products.

IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS is a film and photography company that also specializes in event management and representation of actors and models. The company partners with young artist entrepreneurs to promote arts creativity.

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