Tuesday 22 July, 2014

The fastest way to dry hair

m_The fastest way to dry hair

Hooded hair dryer 

In Rwanda, many people go to hair dressing saloons for hair services. While there, everything is handled by experienced hair dressers. However, a few others wash and dry their hair from home using hand dryers.

If you are the stay at home and do it yourself person, here is how to dry hair fast with a hair dryer:

First apply mousse which will coat the hair shafts and prevent them from absorbing more water.

Blow-dry from underneath, starting with the under layers. If you start drying your hair with the top layer, you end up scooping up wet hair from underneath and pulling it through the brush, rewetting the layers that are already dry.

Flip your head over or clip the top up and aim the dryer at the bottom layers first.

Once the bottom layers are dry, use a brush to help dry and smooth the top layers.


Do not blow-dry sopping-wet hair you will need to use high heat, which will lead to damage. Use a microfiber or terry towel first.

To make your blow-dry even speedier, choose a dryer with at least 1,800 watts. A high-powered dryer gets the job done in less time than a lower-wattage one.

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