Friday 11 July, 2014

Skirts for every body type

Knowing your body type helps you gain insight into what skirt styles complement your body frame. The fashion skirts style basically balances out your body figure by either creating or minimizing your lower body so that it it’s more in-line with your upper body.

Details, colors and textures are also great ways to create the illusion of more curves or slimmer hips. However, you can wear any skirt you like as long as you work with the proportions of your outfits.

Here are skirt examples for each of the main body shapes:



Since the focus is to flatter your curvy hips and avoid looking boxy, the best fashion skirts are:

  • Skirts made of soft knit or drapey fabric
  • A-line skirts
  • Flat-front to keep your hips from looking bulky

Wear pencil and tulip skirts if you want to accentuate your alluring curves, or simply downplay them with skirt styles that flare out from your hips.


The goal is to balance out hips, thighs and legs by making them slimmer or camouflaging them.

The best skirt styles are:

  • A-line shape – it perfectly skims over your curves, and looks very elegant on your body too
  • Full circle skirt
  • Vertical details such as darts, pleats, visible vertical stitches, elongated pockets, etc.

Any skirt style that flares outwards at the hem works for your – this helps draw attention away from your hips.

Wedge Inverted Triangle

Your best fashion skirts feature

  • Outwards flare from your lower hips, thighs or knees
  • Details that add volume. Eg pleats, pockets and zippers
  • Bias-cut to add volume but at same time highlight your great legs

Tapered skirts make you look toppled. Stick to full to flare hem cut.



Your goal is to highlight your great legs, and/or fill out your hips and thighs a bit more to help draw attention away from your midsection.

Your best fashion skirts are:

  • Bias-cut
  • Asymmetric to bring attention to your legs
  • Styles with details around the hips and thighs, such as pockets and visible stitches

To downplay your full tummy it’s very important to select skirts that flare outwards and/or atleast bring the eye down to your legs and away from your mid-section.

Rectangle shape

Your focus is to create curves from waist down. This means you can wear most skirt styles that are difficult for others to wear.

The best fashion skirts feature:

  • Tapered hemline
  • Various details such as pockets, visible stitches and zippers, distressed texture
  • Volume such as tiers and bubble hem

Avoid straight cut skirts and skirts that don’t taper at your thighs because they emphasize your straight waist.

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