Thursday 19 June, 2014

How to wear a pearl necklace

 pearl necklace

Pearls are a wardrobe closet for the jewelry lovers. However, how you choose them or wear them determine your look you will carry around. Some are fashionable while others are not depending on how stylish they are.

These are stylish ways of wearing your pearls:

Wear a pearl necklace with a pendant. Give pearls extra style by adding a pendant. You can either add something chunky.

Choose pearls with a light look. Pearls that are strung on a lightweight base like wire and have space between them have a floating-on-air look that’s elegant and modern.

wear large pearls


Do wear large pearls in multiple strands. Get a rich, layered look by wearing multiple strands of large pearls. Up the style factor by mixing different colors of pearls together.

pearl choker


Do wear a pearl choker (close to the neck). Choose an updated pearl necklace in something elegant like collar-style pearl necklace. Another great pearl necklace option that’s close to the face is a bib-style necklace.

different colors of pearls


Try different colors of pearls. Who says pearls have to be white? Try something with a silvery finish or opt pink or even black and other colours.

Wear long strands of pearls


Wear long strands of pearls. Long multiple strands of pearls a perfect way to wear pearl necklaces. They look especially great with silhouettes like tunics or sheath dresses that don’t have a defined waist.

Mix pearls with chains


Mix pearls with chains. Go with a look Coco Chanel herself (known for wearing long straps of pearls) would approve of by mixing a pearl necklace with chains.



Wear a single, classic strand of pearls. A classic length for a pearl necklace is about 18 inches; at this length it looks great with most necklines and is timelessly chic.



Mix pearls with glitz. Make your pearls really pop by mixing them with clear and colored crystals (or mix them with diamonds for a better look).

Mix pearls with glitz.

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