Saturday 14 June, 2014

Ways to create new outfits out of the old

Style is almost never about what you own, it’s about how you wear what you own. Sometimes, the slightest tweak can entirely change an outfit and make it look new again. One of the biggest frustrations many women face is that they keep buying new clothes, but still feel like they don’t have anything to wear.

Learn to remix your clothes in fresh ways so you have lots of great new outfits.

Here a few easy wardrobe changes you can make to use what you already own for new looks:

Belt it

The quickest and easiest way to change the look of an outfit is to change up the silhouette; try this by belting something you might not usually belt like a jacket, coat or cardigan.

Replace things like cloth belts with a leather belt. Experiment with adding dressy belts to casual looks and vice versa. Try wearing a chic chain belt with jeans and a wide casual woven belt with dresses.

Keep the flattering aspect of the look by going monochromatic; if you want to show off a small waist, choose a contrasting color. A hip-slung belt is a great way to give shape to a tunic or maxi dress.

Substitute jeans for black pants

If you are used to wearing black pants with absolutely everything, change to something different. The next time you put on a pretty blouse, jacket or cardigan that you would normally wear with black pants, substitute jeans instead.

You can even take a black pantsuit jacket and mix it with jeans for a great casual, pulled-together look.


Try high-low

Mix different elements together even though they are different. Mix a designer dress with inexpensive shoes. Wear pearls with jeans or try diamonds with shorts.

Mix casual with dressy wear. A cropped jean jacket with a black cotton lace hem skirt, jeans with dressy pumps, etc. The result is an original look that’s more polished than head-to-toe casual and less stuffy than an all dressy look.

The idea here is to make something completely unexpected and new.

Layer, layer, layer

Apart from cold weather layers, warm weather layers can be just as successful in changing up your style.  Try layering a vest over a sleeveless gauze dress or a pretty sheer knit sweater over a tank top. Mix, match, contrast.

Look for layers that add colorful or textural interest, not layers that make you look heavy or bulked up. So, lightweight layers are always ideal.

Change your shoes

Sometimes the easiest way to mix up your look is the most obvious. Change from bright coloured shoes to black; switch from pumps to sandals, heel heights for flats.

If you don’t switch out your shoes often, and feel unsure of which shoes go with certain looks, the easiest option is to just start trying on random styles until you find something that works.


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