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Tropical prints for your body type

Tropical prints for your body type

In the right silhouette, splashy or tropical prints can really flatter, whatever your body type. Today’s designers have made tropical prints fabulous. Tropicals are light weight clothing designed for use in hot weather especially summer.

Here is how to wear them for a greater and fashionable look

If you have a straight figure

This body type can get away with all sorts of bold patterns, but keep one rule in mind: Avoid anything shapeless or oversize that can further diminish small hips.

How to wear it:

Embrace the peplum blouse to transform a boyish frame into curves.

Try a romper with cinched waist for an hourglass silhouette look. Pair the romper with metallic sandals for an exotic look.

If you have a tummy

Island dressing is a breeze with a few fail-safe visual tricks: Use busy prints to keep the eye moving (not zeroing in on your middle), disguise the stomach with ruching, and downplay bulges with a colored or dark background.

How to wear it: Create the illusion of an hourglass shape with a style that uses fabric gathers near the stomach.

If you have full hips and thighs

Play up the upper body with a fun print. For patterns below the waist, skip ones that are vibrant or large in scale, which exaggerate hips.

How to wear it:

A collared shirt brings structure to the top half and evens out hips. It’s okay to opt for a bright color on the lower body, as long as the cut is forgiving, as with this hides-all-sins flowy skirt. Pale accessories match without battling for attention.

A floral belt highlights the waist. Balance out curves with flared jeans.

Tropical prints for your body type 2

If you have a large bust

It’s best to stick to prints on the bottom half. But if you decide to go for it above the waist, make sure the design is elongating and doesn’t accentuate your size, for example a simple flower works best
How to wear it:

Offset punchy pants with a tucked-in basic to avoid looking boxy. No need to match accessories perfectly. Even a pop of red swings with this jungle motif.

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