Saturday 14 June, 2014

Fashion tips for a wedge body type

Wedge body type

Wedge body type

Wedge or inverted triangle shape means you have a broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips.

The best way to dress a wedge body is to draw attention downward to the narrower parts of your body, such as your waist, hips and legs.

Wear clothes that attract attention to the upper body

Wear clothes that attract attention to the upper body


Tips and tricks to balance your upper and lower body

  • Wear full skirts to balance out top body
  • Avoid thin-strapped/spaghetti-strap tops
  • Avoid boat neckline tops
  • Wear wide legged pants to balance you out
  • Wear brighter colors on bottom
  • Wear shorter skirts and shorts with longer tops
  • Ankle strap shoes look great with your legs
  • One shoulder styles look best with your upper body
  • Pleats balance out your bottom
  • Do look for clothes that create the illusion of a waist.
  • Do wear tops that call attention to your waistline.
  • Do experiment with high-waisted styles.





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