Thursday 22 May, 2014

Style errors ladies should avoid

Style errors ladies should avoid

Sneakers with anything other than workout clothes makes you look older

People especially women are always conscious of their looks. There is no woman who will purposely wear something that makes her look fatter. However, you would be surprised by how many women unknowingly wear styles that make them look older.

Here are things that will make you look older.

Tweed (a rough-surfaced woollen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colours). While some fabrics have a youthful vibe (like denim), tweed seems to do the opposite because it’s associated with matronly suits. If it’s a menswear look you are after, opt for pinstripes or oversized hounds tooth instead of tweed.

Reading glasses. If you must wear reading glasses, make sure they are cute. Sure, you may need them, but no woman ever looked younger with little reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. And the chain attached to them so you always have them at hand? That makes you look older, too.

Gray hair. Though some women look beautiful with gray hair, it never made anyone look younger. Better options than going gray in middle age are colors that are flattering to your skin tones.

Cardigans: Although a cardigan seems like an ideal layering piece, it is really unflattering for heavier women because it lacks shape and structure so lumps and bumps show. A better choice is a jacket or blazer with some construction (set-in sleeves, seaming, and a collar) because it offsets middle-age spread.

Sensible shoes/comfort shoes. Want to ruin a perfectly good look? Wear comfort sandals with it. There are too many cute shoes in the market that are comfortable without the clunky soles and features of so-called comfort sandals.

Mom jeans. Peg-leg jeans with high waist (a.k.a) mom jeans are unflattering and outdated. It’s such a simple thing to change because every conceivable label has a version of jeans that work for women that age, from affordable Lee jeans to upscale Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

Any color that washes you out. One thing that will instantly make you look older is to wear a color that drains you of color. Right colours for example in red or blue make almost every one look pretty. Such colours brighten your skin and make you look younger.

Old lady handbag: Are you still carrying that logo bag from 15 years ago? Handbags have been a driving force of fashion for the past decade and still carrying an organizer bag (or worse) can add years to your age. An updated option would be a cute cross body bag or a fun leather bag.

Too much or too little makeup. Garish blush and lipstick can be just as aging as no makeup at all. Learn how to apply pretty colors with a light hand and you will be on the right track to wearing the perfect makeup in middle age.

Socks and sneakers with anything other than workout clothes. White sneakers (except for working out) are a one-way ticket to old lady land. One way to avoid this outdated look is by having updated sports shoe options on hand (slip-on black sports mules and converse style sneakers.

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