Friday 02 May, 2014

Living in a shadow: Former Miss Rwanda Umutesi proving too dominant over her successor

Living in a shadow: Former Miss Rwanda Umutesi proving too dominant over her successor

Miss Umutesi Aurore (right) handing the Miss Rwanda crown to Akiwacu Colombe in February 2014 (File Photo)

In February 2014 Umutesi Aurore, the then reigning Miss Rwanda, officially handed over her crown to the newly elect Miss Rwanda Akiwacu Colombe. It was an historic night full of euphoria, excitement and, for obvious reasons, joy.

Due to her underdog tag, Colombe was not expected to be crowned Rwanda’s beauty queen but she beat all odds to emerge victorious.

Observants pointed to her quiet and introverted conduct as a major obstacle which would sharply collide with the heavy workload that lay ahead. Was she aware of that fact at the time? As a national figure she was supposed to be a representative of many cultural, social and even contemporary issues.

However, since taking over the crown it would not be preposterous to argue that Colombe has, so far, not lived to many people’s expectations.

With Aurore having left too big shoes to fill, Colombe finds herself in an awkward situation where the former continues to dominate headlines coupled with her constant refusal to accept that she’s no longer, after all, Miss Rwanda.

 From social events to charitable work Aurore continues to make it so exasperatingly difficult for Colombe to make a mark. Frustrating! but hoping against all hopes that the trend will eventually change and the tides blow in Colombe’s direction (after all it’s just two months since her elevation as Miss Rwanda) Colombe should find a way to make her presence felt and show it to everyone that she is the reigning beauty queen.

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