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How to get a thin look

How to get a thin look

Want to look thinner without going to the gym? Of course you do! Here are some tips to look instantly appealing without a dangerous crash diet or drastic plastic surgery.

Choose the colors carefully. Avoid bright colors and patterns; they instantly make you look bigger than you are! Dark colors make your heavy sections look small. Are you top heavy? That means switching to dark colored tops. Also, avoid horizontal stripes; these accentuate your waist! If you are bottom heavy, go for darker pants, skirts, or jeans to slim down your bottoms and legs. Finally, avoid “baggy” clothing, and wear stuff that fits you closely.

Wear proper fitting underwear. The look you are going for is seamless, so avoid ill-fitting bras that leave back fat spilling over in bulging rolls, and try on a slip.

Wear long, fitting shirts. These are flattering to everybody since they seem to stretch out your torso. They should fit to flatter your body type. Avoid striped shirts, they make you appear wider. Unless they are up and down (pin stripes) which make you appear longer and leaner

Wear clothes that are the right size. If you are a size 20, don’t try and squeeze into a size 16. It will make you look bigger if everything bulges out. But at the same time, don’t wear clothes that swamp you. Really look at your body and wear clothes that fit properly.

Emphasize the smaller part of you and camouflage your problem areas. If your waist is relatively thinner than your hips, wear form-fitting shirts and skirts that flare out. If your middle is thick and your legs are normal sized, wear looser, tunic blouses with thin, straight-legged pants. Do not wear loose tops with loose bottoms.

To emphasize your waist and make your womanly figure an A+ wear belts at your waist or bring clothing lines to your waist. (Have you pants go to your waist; shirt go to your waist; dress line at your waist)

Play up the good parts and counterbalance. If you have big hips, wear something to elongate your legs and something large around your shoulders. Always look to emphasize your small waist (even if you are making it up).

Do not be stuck on clothing sizes! Buying a larger than normal piece of clothing to emphasize your small parts (legs, hips, torso) may counterbalance the larger parts.

Match your jewelry to your size. If you are a big, tall person, wear big pieces of jewelry. Think of nice chunky bracelet or a pair of chandelier earrings. A big necklace will look great too -but avoid chokers.

Match your shoes to your build. If you are short and heavy, a pair of understated platform clogs or boots can give you height, and also counterbalance your body size. If you are tall and heavy, a pair of dark colored flats or low heel pumps will make your feet look smaller without making you even taller. Avoid slender heels and sharp pointy toes; they will look small on you, and accentuate your size.

Wear your hair and makeup in a flattering way. People will be too distracted by your beautiful face to care about everything else.

Black clothes are great to wear they make you look skinnier.

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