Friday 23 May, 2014

How to get a slim look in white pants


As chic and classic as they are, white pants do come with some anxiety attached. Unlike our beloved black pants or even dark denim which both slenderize the wearer, the wrong white pants can make you look fatter.

White pants require one to think about everything from what underwear you are going to wear and to where you can sit without getting dirty. White pants can be dressed up or down. For example wear them with a jacket to the boardroom or with sandals to the beach.

Here’s how to not look fat in white pants:

Choose a substantial fabric. Skip the thin, flimsy white fabrics that will show every lump and bump and opt for heavy cotton twills or cotton/stretch blends. Pockets tend to show in many white pants, which only make you look bulkier, so look for styles that have thick enough fabric that the pockets will not show.

Opt for a straight, but not tight, leg. The last thing you want with a white pant is lots of volume. A style that hangs straight from the hip, like a trouser-style pant, is the most flattering. While white palazzo pants in a dreamy chiffon sound romantic and summery, the reality is that they will make you look heavy. Skip the full-cut white pants.

Wear the right underwear. Do not wear white panties with white pants. Stick with flesh tones and the sleeker the fit, the better; visible panty lines in white pants will make you look even heftier.

Try a jean-style pant. A five-pocket style jean not only comes in a heavier jean fabric, it features the figure-flattering five-pocket styling and sleek leg(especially in stretch fabrics) that will make you pull off white pants with ease.

Wear an eye-catching top. Pair white pants with a top that attracts attention like an off-the-shoulder top, something ruffled or embellished or a top in a bright color. Graphic prints – bold florals or black and white – are another eye-catching way to draw the eye up. White is a great neutral, and if you go with tops that draw the eye up, the bottoms will fade into the background.

Wear a tunic top. If you want to completely eliminate the problem of panty lines or pockets you can see through, opt for a tunic top. A longer top paired with slim white pants skims right over the problem areas and gives you a sleek look.

Wear heels. Elongate your legs and you will instantly look slimmer, even in white pants. Rope-trimmed wedges and kitten heels helps you look slimmer in almost any type of pant.

Skip cuffs. Cuffed pants of any type naturally break the visual line of pants, so skip the cuffs.

Boot cut. A slight boot-cut pant (one that tapers at the knee and then loosens at the ankle) does wonders for balancing out heavier hips and thighs in a way that slimmer leg cuts just can’t do.



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