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Red carpet fashion Secrets you should know

Celebrities around the world work their best to look stunning on red carpet. From bling gowns by renowned Western and African fashion designers to accessories and hair dos, one would believe pulling everything together for the successful red carpet appearance is not easy.

However, the red carpet fashion style becomes less intimidating when you follow these ‘7 style secrets from the red carpet’ by Cynthia Nellis, Texas fashion Journalist.

1. Play up your coloring

To know the perfect colour, consider the hues that work best with your skin and hair.

Don’t buy into the belief that there are a limited number of colors that work for you; instead, be your own best stylist and hold up hues to your face to see which ones bring out your skin tones, eyes and hair the best.

In general, warm hues like fire engine red and variations of coral look best on brunettes (brown-haired women) with darker coloring and cool pastels work for blondes. However, colours like metallic gold and silver work for all colorings.

If not sure of the best colour, drag a friend to a store and get a second opinon while trying on lots of colors to see which ones compliment your look best.

2. Elaborate dress or jewelry (but not both)

Make either the dress or the accessories the focus, not both. For example, a black strapless gown with no adornment could carry a chunky diamond bracelet and necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings. Solid color dresses and neutrals are a great backdrop for colorful jewels.

On the other hand, the more ruffles, tiers and beading a garment has, the simpler the accessories should be. It doesn’t mean you have to go bare though but you need to choose smaller pieces.

3. Don’t dress your age

The pitfall to dressing for special occasions is that some women look wrong if they dress their age. For instance some mature women look’ mother-of-the-bridish’ in outfits that are deemed “appropriate” for their age group. In a grown-up dress, a younger woman looks sexy.

It’s good for women over 40 years to stick with soft, modern hair and updated dresses for elegant and young look. Long sleeves, long dresses and high necklines age every woman.

4. Steer clear of style ruts

The best way to have fun with fashion is to try something new: venture into a store that you have never shopped in, try a mini and tights instead of a full, knee-length skirt. The idea is to push the limits of your wardrobe and experience innovative looks.

5. If you can’t hide it, flaunt it

Red carpet fashion Secrets you should know

American Artist Queen Latifah (in blue) flaunts plus size body in a fashion gown

While it almost looks like designer fashion is made for the skinny, plus size women should flaunt their bodies than covering them up. Celebrity Queen Latifah knows the secret and strut the red carpet in gorgeous gowns.

The same applies to pregnant celebrities who play up their baby bumps and look sexy on the red carpet. The secret is, learn to embrace your body. If you are not comfortable in curve-hugging dresses because of massive body, try a body slimmer underneath.

Plus sizes should never wear high-neck gowns or sack-like dress to disguise curves.

6. Show off your best feature

Everyone has at least one great asset, even if it’s something as simple as thick hair, white teeth or nice legs.

You don’t have to do anything too extravagant to show off your best feature, just make sure that your look enhances it. If your best feature is great skin, the last thing you would want to do is cover up every inch of it with clothing.

Dressing for your best feature is less about dressing for size or age and more about making the best of what you have to work with.

7. Mind the hairstyle

Nothing kills a red carpet look quicker than bad hair. Whether it’s too casual or too contrived (intended) for the dress, the wrong hairdo can make or break ones look.

On a formal gown or not, one of the worst mistakes you can make for a special event is to go with your everyday hair. Adding a sparkly barrette/hair clip or a pullback part of your hair is enough to set off the look as being special.

A  red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by Heads of state  on ceremonial and formal occasions, but has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events like Academy Awards.


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