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How to wear a statement necklace

How to wear a statement necklaceStatement jewelry is bold and unique, and it conveys a statement about who the wearer is. Whether or not one is deliberate about style, people judge others based on their appearance. People assume many things about personality, values, and beliefs based on what others wear.

By consciously choosing what kind of statement to make, this statement becomes more than just communication to others. It is a statement to oneself, encouraging a person to act the part. In the end, statement jewelry is meant to boost one’s confidence.

However, knowing how to style the statement necklace is fashionable. Below are 10 ways on how to wear a statement neckline.

Give lour look major impact 

Looking for a way to make a style statement? Dainty jewelry is fine, but nothing provides impact like a statement necklace. It’s a great way to add interest to a work look or dress up a weekend outfit. After all what classifies a statement necklace is anything bold or chunky that really stands out to make a statement.

Choose a contrast color statement necklace.

Have fun with a play on colors by picking two bright colors: one for your outfit and another for your statement necklace.  For instance, choose a bright blue necklace against a yellow dress, wear lime and pink, give orange and yellow a try. And nothing looks bolder than mixing black and white together for major contrast.

Go clear or neutral with your statement necklace.

Choose shapes not necessarily just color to make a statement. Looks such as a gobstopper (Gobstoppers consist of a number of layers, each layer dissolving to reveal a different colored layer, before dissolving completely) necklace with clear beads makes a sophisticated addition to an outfit, but aren’t overwhelming because they are neutral. Neutrals include colors like white or beige (very pale brown color).

 Go a little crazy with your statement necklace

The allure of the statement necklace is that it is made to attract attention. Try something a little wild like a long feather necklace that looks half art/half accessory. Look for handmade artisan pieces or wear amazing vintage finds.

Mix It Up with statement necklace

Don’t be tempted to wear matching necklace and earrings: it’s too old-fashioned! If you want to keep the elements similar, choose the same colors, but change up the shapes. For example, a statement necklace in geometric shapes worn with hoop earrings-all in silver-are different enough to not look matchy.

 Go monochromatic with your statement necklace

For a sophisticated look, layer on accessories in the same color family for a monochromatic look. For example a black necklace worn with a black top or dress gives texture and interest to a black dress, but completes the chic look by being the same color.

Choose a flattering statement necklace color

It’s more important to wear a color that is flattering than to choose a color that’s trendy. Look for colors that bring out your eye color or complement your skin tone. It’s better to pick a color that looks wonderful on almost all skin tones.

Layer your statement necklaces

No need to limit yourself to just one statement necklace. Add several for a super bold look. Oversized pearls worn in layers combine to give you a major statement that’s still ladylike.

Opt for a statement choker

Choker is something that fits closely around the neck or throat. If you go with a choker style statement necklace; keep the elements dainty or neutral so they won’t be overwhelming. Try small colored pearls though lots of them for a look that’s pretty but doesn’t overwhelm so close to the face.

Maximize a print with a statement necklace

Bring out elements of your print by choosing a color from it to use in your statement necklace. By using one color from a print the necklace gives it a pop that really pulls the entire look together.

Wear it on bare skin

One of the most interesting ways to wear a major necklace is to wear it with a strapless or very open-neck top or dress. The contrast of the statement necklace against bare skin is sexy and chic at the same time.

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