Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Top accessorizing tips for tall women


These tips will help tall women to choose the right accessories to compliment their height.

  • Try to break up your outfit with accessories so you don’t look like one big column of clothing. Brightly colored watches, belts and scarves give a long frame some pop.


  • Avoid gladiator sandals if you have above-average sized feet.


  • An exciting pair of flats can really add something to any outfit of a tall woman.


  • If you are tall and embrace your model height, you should pick items that accentuate your long neck, such as dangling statement earrings.


  • To conceal lengthiness and create the illusion of being smaller, you should consider wearing scarves that are proportionate to your body type.


  • Tall women have a commanding presence and do better with accessories that have ‘substance’ to them. They need lager pieces to balance their personal scale. This is because choosing smaller accessories that are dainty and delicate will simply ‘disappear’ on a tall woman rather than adding anything of value.


  • Skinny belts are not the best choice – a belt that’s 1 1/2″ wide would better balance out her stature.


  • If a single necklace doesn’t pack enough punch, consider wearing multiple necklaces, or pile on an armful of bangles rather than wearing just one. The tall woman doesn’t have to worry so much about something ‘wearing her’ as she does that it ‘gets lost.


  • Tall women have an advantage; they don’t have to worry about accessories being too large. Even the biggest handbag is not too big for a tall woman.

A ‘tall’ body type is identified by:

  • Being 5ft 10 inches (1 meter 78cm) or more. This is 6 inches taller that the average women’s height in the UK.
  • The Italians have a saying ‘altezza metà bellezza’ – roughly translated ‘if you’re tall, you’re already halfway to being beautiful’ so count yourself lucky girls!

Oliva’s Top Tips for Tall Women

1. Horizontal lines can be your worst nightmare if you are short or round, but for tall girls, they are a dream as they will diffuse your height. You can do this with contrasting colours and tones.

2. You may find dresses are often too short – use this to your advantage and wear them as tunics with leggings or jeans.

3. Keep thing feminine with flared, A-line or peplum skirts – all these styles work great with your shape.

4. With fitted or shift dresses, try to choose styles with blocks of pattern or solid colour in various portions of the dress – all over colour from top to bottom will be too severe.

5. Big bold patterns work best for you; smaller ones can get a bit lost. Also try nipping in the waist with a slim belt, this helps to break up the pattern and flatter your curves.

6. Simple structured dress work wonderfully with your figure, showing off your best bits and complementing your height.

7. Maxi skirts and dresses will really emphasize your height and show that your proud of your height. You may have trouble finding dresses long enough for you, so either get them made to measure or a seamstress could add to the length of existing pieces.

8. When looking for knitwear long layering looks fab – but always a simple structure with a fine knit.

9. Flatter your proportions with chunky statement jewellery and large bags

10. And finally – don’t be afraid to wear heels! They can boost your confidence, make you feel sexy and ooze confidence.


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