Saturday 18 January, 2014

Ministry of Sports and Culture, Pentecostal pastor rock horns

Makuza Lauren, Director of Culture Promotion in the Ministry of Sports and Culture

Makuza Lauren, Director of Culture Promotion in the Ministry of Sports and Culture


At a recent gathering called Women Destiny held at Kigali Serena Hotel, renowned Pastor Joshua Masasu publicly proclaimed that girls who participate in beauty pageants, specifically Miss Rwanda, do so contrary to the divine decree.


Masasu was addressing a relatively large crowd in a gospel concert that was attended by both local and regional pastors, choirs and gospel singers.


But the Ministry of Sports and Culture has come forward to refute the claims by the outspoken pastor adding that they were nothing but his own personal views. While speaking to a local celebrity website, the Director in charge of culture promotion in the Ministry of culture Makuza Lauren refuted that there existed any conflict between Miss Rwanda selection exercise and the Christian way of life.


“I think he (Masasu) was giving his own opinion and this cannot be found anywhere in the Bible,” he said.


“He has the right to his own opinions but I don’t want young girls who are aspiring to contest in this year’s Miss Rwanda to be discouraged by his comments.”


Apostle Joshua Masasu

Apostle Joshua Masasu


Miss Rwanda beauty pageant has long been apprehensively perceived by some people who argue that it contradicts the cultural values of the society and Pastor Joshua Masasu only comes as the latest prominent figure to its scrutiny.


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