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How to look taller in clothes

How to look taller in clothesSome people especially short women tend to take time marveling at how long and lean the models or some other people are.

It’s a fact that in fashion taller women always look better in clothes but height is something you either have naturally or you don’t: it’s not something you can change with diet or exercise like so many other body challenges.

If you wish to look longer and leaner with maybe another foot of height, the best way to make yourself look taller and leaner is to use visual tricks.

This is a great fashion cycle to try and look taller and leaner since so many of the shapes like long tunics with leggings, long slim trousers, sheath dresses, etc. help create a longer, leaner line.

Here are some quick fashion tips to add some visual height to your look:

Go monochromatic or tonal. Although women have long turned to all black as a no-brainer for dressing slimmer, but you can also use other hues to create a longer line for example hues of the same color family like charcoal, silver and heather gray. What you don’t want to do is chop up your body with contrasting colors (Colors placed opposite one another on the color wheel) if you want to look taller, for example, wearing a white shirt with a black skirt.

Choose one strong vertical element. An unbuttoned jacket or vest can give you that strong vertical line that keeps the eye moving up and down, rather than across. The sheath dress is the perfect dress silhouette to create a strong vertical line. Slim pants worn with a tunic top, a long scarf wrapped around your neck with ends left dangling and layers of long necklaces all create a strong vertical presence as well. Even going with vertical seaming or prints can add to the eye traveling up and down rather than across.

Wear heels. The best way to visually increase your height is to physically increase your height. Even a slight heel (two inches or so) will improve the line of most outfits and give you a longer look. Even your boots can make you look taller: opt for sleek, knee-high boots and leggings or skinny jeans in the same color to create a long, unbroken line. Try leg wear in the same color as your shoes for another great way to add visual height. And, of course, if you can wear really high heels, they are still the best way to look taller.

Try nude shoes. Nude shoes look great with just about any color and you can even cheat to wear them with super sheer nude hose or nude-colored fishnets to have flawless legs. Red and black dresses look fresh and new when paired with nude shoes.

Add a V-neck top. The V-neck top adds visual height and elongates the neck. Even if you wear it layered (like a deep V-neck sweater with a tee layered under it) it will still give you a longer line than either a crew or boat neck top would. The deeper the V, the greater the illusion of height.

Ladies, we all know there is a secret to getting a self-esteem boost. Looking more slender without dropping an ounce is an instant confidence booster and will help keep you motivated as you lose weight. The key knows what not to wear and how to wear what you should.

Here are a few more of tips that will make your silhouette seem slimmer in seconds.

  • Short sleeves seem to get shorter every year and this just doesn’t do plus size ladies any favors. Three quarter length sleeves are far more flattering for those with the jiggles from the elbow up. They offer plenty of coverage and yet are stylish enough to keep from looking like a camouflage technique
  • A deep v-neck is super simple, stylish and sexy. Tees and tops with a plunging v-neck will do wonders to make you look slimmer. Plus they’re a great chance to show off all your favorite chunky necklaces. Delicate beads and great accessories detract from problem spots, too.
  • As tempting as stretch fabrics may seem (they fit when you have been good and when you have been bad!), they often end up highlighting the very areas you would rather mask. Nothing points out problem spots like wrapping them in stretchy fabrics.
  • Instead of tank tops, opt for tops with cap sleeves. They’re trendy and fashionable, yet they offer a little more coverage than sleeveless tops.
  • Avoid high necklines like turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, or even crew neck tees. High necks emphasize an ample bust like neon arrows pointing towards it. Wear a cardigan or a tailored jacket over these type of tops for an elongating effect
  • If you want to go strapless, find a dress that’s supportive with structure in the bodice area so things stay right where they should be. For a classic look (and a little more coverage), wrap a colorful scarf around your shoulders.
  • Being a little heavier in the lower hemisphere than you used to be shouldn’t mean you have to swear off skirts. Look for A-line shapes (fitted at the waist; flared at the bottom) and you will keep a troublesome key under wraps while still looking ultra-girly. Just be sure to avoid pleats like the plague, they will magnify everything they cover!

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