Friday 08 February, 2013

How to wear long skirts

A skirt is a cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs. In the western and some other countries, skirts are usually considered women’s clothing with an exceptional of the kilt (a traditional men’s garment) in Scotland.

A skirt is a garment made of a single piece of material fitted to the body and they vary according to the personal taste of the wearer. Whether long or tall, selecting the right skirt should depend on the style and shape of your body.

However, long skirts can swallow up Petites and thin-boned body figures, making you look smaller and it can also make you look stumpy. The trick is to choose a maxi skirt that fits snugly (that cuddles) around your hips and thighs to maintain a sleek line.

Taller women can pull off the long tiered skirt better than petites because they can handle the extra fabric; it looks more streamlined on their height.

Guidelines to wearing long skirts:

  • Make sure the length falls long enough to touch your ankle bones (the tiny rounded bone at the sides of your ankles) or at least long enough to fall right above the thinnest part of your ankles. Showing off the thinnest part of your ankles creates the illusion of slim legs.

How to wear long skirts

  • Show off some skin on top with a low V-neck tee (t-shirt) to avoid the old-fashioned matronly look. Fitted and shorter tops look best with long skirts.

How to wear long skirts2


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