Wednesday 23 January, 2013

How to play up your waist

Dressing your shape is one of the most important rules in fashion. Knowing your body shape is the key to dressing and feeling confident but it’s important to draw attention away from the tiny part or bigger part of your body for a smarter you.

In this case, having a small waist can make one’s body look unproportional. If you want to create curves or play up with them, the key is applying a few simple rules to help you look your best.

Whatever your shape, these five strategies can help you define and flatter your middle.

Crossover Neckline

A crossover Neckline redirects focus from the bust to the waist. An ample chest can often meld into the waist, creating the illusion of weight around the middle. But the diagonal lines of this neckline help minimize breasts while pointing to a nicely defined midriff (The middle outer portion of the front of the human body, extending roughly from just below the breast to the waistline)

m_How to play up your waist

m_How to play up your waist1

Crossover neckline dresses


A dress or top with an adjustable band in the waist makes it easy for one to look full on the middle part of the body (stomach).  Look for a top that nips in right under the bustline to highlight the narrowest part of the torso. An elastic or tie waist helps you customize the fit.

m_adjustable band dress

adjustable band dress

Adjustable band top      


Fit-and-Flare Dress

A fit-and-flare dress downplays wide hips. Show off a smaller top half with a tailored bodice. The full (not poufy) skirt hides the lower body without exaggerating the waist-to-hip ratio.


m_How to play up your waist2

Fit-and-flare dress

Peplum Cut

A peplum cut skirt or dress adds curves to a straight body. Go for a jacket, a blouse, or, in this case, a skirt with a strategically placed flare to create the appearance of shapely hips and a nipped-in waist.


m_Peplum Cut

Peplum skirt

m_peplum dress

peplum dress

Wide Belt

A wide belt accentuates an hourglass figure. Here, the big belt works to create one focal point: the cinched waistline.


m_Wide Belt

Woman wearing a wide belt


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