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Rwanda : Wrap sweater, the popular item for Rwandan ladies

A wrap sweater

A wrap sweater found in a clothing store at Giporoso-Remera


A wrap sweater found in a clothing store at Giporoso-Remera

The simple wrap sweater is rocking Kigali streets. It has become a popular trend of many ladies young and old, wearing them in different styles and colours.

A wrap sweater is really on trend and so versatile. It can be tied or wrapped in many ways to change the look and style because of its numerous designs.

Wrap sweaters are an accessory that can go with pants, jeans, dresses and skirts. This is a very versatile accessory that can be worn on different occasions.


Apart from being sweaters, some people have made it a fashion item by wearing them like fashion accessories even when it’s not cold. This is because they are light and can be comfortable even on a hot day since most of them are cotton.

In Kigali, wrap sweaters are popularly worn with long skirts, jean trousers and short skirts or dresses by some people especially youth.

However, wearing a wrap sweater can be overwhelming if you do not know how to wear the entire yardage without looking sloppy or untidy. To get the neat look, attention is needed when trying to get the best out of the sweater.

How to wear a wrap sweater

A wrap sweater is great when worn with jeans or dress pants because of the overall long line it creates. One of the best features of the wrap sweater is the fact that it clinches to the waist. Because of this, it can be a slimming look for most body types.

wrap sweater

When you are using a wrap sweater as an accessory, you will want it to match the rest of your outfit. Choose a pair of jeans or a different pair of pants that will match with your sweater.

Choose what to pair with a wrap sweater according to where you are going. If you are just lounging around the house, matching colours is not the matter but if you are heading out to town, make sure the wrap sweater matches with the outfit.

Make sure that your sweater goes with both the top and your jeans. Occasionally, your sweater will clash with one of the two items but for the most part, these kinds of sweaters will go with jeans and a lot of different tops.

Accessorize the wrap sweater with like bracelets, necklaces or earrings but make sure the accessories also match with the sweater, so none of the colors will clash with the rest of the outfit.

Put the wrap sweater on like you would do with a cardigan/jacket. The sweater should be open when you put it on and sashes should be hanging by your side. Pull one of the sides over so it is overlapping the other side of the sweater.

Do not wear a wrap sweater with long sleeved tops or blouses. Wear it over sleeveless tops or short sleeved ones since its light.

Wrap sweaters can be tied in many different ways. If you want to go with a different look, you can tie the sashes on your side. Pull the sashes through the loops on the sweater until you have them on your side.

wrap sweater

It’s important to tie the sweater on the side that you normally do not carry your handbag. This will frame the knot as sort of an accessory.

However, in this cold weather, it’s advisable to carry other types of portable sweaters to keep you warm especially during rainy moments because wrap sweaters are light.

To those who wish to buy fashionable wrap sweaters, they are available in almost every clothing store in Kigali town and markets like Nyabugogo among others.

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