Saturday 17 November, 2012

Rwanda : How to wear right tops with skirts, vital advice for fashionistas

How to wear right tops with skirts

Wearing wrong fashion tops with skirts can just mar your looks! An expensive skirt with the wrong kind of fashion top can make you look pathetic while even cheap skirt with the right kind of top and accessories can make you look gorgeous!

Here are tips on how to wear tops with skirts! Fashion tops for women may include knitted tops, T-shirts, tanks-tops, blouses and button down shirts etc.

For most kinds of skirts, it is just all right to keep the fashion top over it untucked, especially when it is a form fitting top that defines your waist properly.

For pencil skirts, a sweater top or a button down top tucked within looks good. Longer voluminous tops can also be worn but with caution.

Caution can be exercised either by layering or by using a belt. For layering, a jacket can be used over the top. The untucked long top can be belted to give it a more form fitting look.

Slim cut V neck T-shirts look good with A-line skirts as they accentuate your waistline well. Avoid wearing bulky or flowery tops with these a-line ones as they tend to make you look heavier than you are. A short-sleeve casual jacket also looks good with it. If you wish to wear a loose fit shirt, you might want to add a belt at your waist too!

If wearing mini skirt, you can pair it with T-shirt and tank tops for more casual appearance. For a more elegant look, try wearing it with a blazer or a jacket.

As maxi skirt already has much volume, you can tone it down by pairing it with a cropped sweatshirt (sweater with a hood).

With a high waisted maxi skirt, you can wear a cropped top to get a chic look.

For a very glamorous look, you might like to wear a bold, slim skirt paired with a fitted tee. Watch out for color combination though- contrasts will go well.

Bodycon (short for ‘body conscious’) skirts are very tight bandage style skirts. So you have to be extra cautious while pairing them. They are basically worn to have a chic look, so boyfriend blazers or jean jackets go well with them for such a look. They may also look good when paired with T shirts or tucked in vest.


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