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Rwanda : Stylish ways of wearing cropped cardigans/sweaters

Stylish ways of wearing cropped cardigans

In Rwanda, most people think of cropped cardigans/half sweaters, as a fashion for teenagers or some people do not really know the power of a cropped cardigan and underestimate its abilities.

This is because of the way some people style it. Plenty of women and girls pair it with maxi dresses and others with a basic tee and jeans or skirts. Cropped cardigans might not look stylish nor on fashion but they are pretty much worn in Kigali meaning they are never out of fashion.

The good advantage of cropped sweaters is balancing out bottom-heavy body figures by drawing attention to the upper part of the body.


There are different ways to put on a cropped cardigan and you can be assured to look fashionable. You may not have received a lot of compliments for your cropped jacket or sweater but wearing it with the right dresses will make you stylish.

If your cropped sweater has sashes, make a knot and leave them hanging on the front or you can tie them around your waist and make a knot at the back. Here are fashion tips on how to wear a cropped cardigan and style it in multiple ways without looking out of date.

How to wear them

If you are short, avoid wearing the cardigan with a contrasting colored top underneath it for example white with black because it will make you look shorter and wider than you already are.
Instead wear the cardigan with a similar color. So if you are wearing a black cardigan opt for a top in dark colors or neutrals such as charcoal gray, chocolate brown and dark blues. If you want to make your waist look miles long, do not tuck in the cardigan.

The best way is to wear a short cardigan in a light color with a dark-colored top. The light color instantly brings the eye up to your face and shoulders which make you appear taller. Also, shoulder and over-the-bust details such as ruffles or beads really help with distracting the eye away from your short waist.

If you are wide on top, then stick to dark colored and simple cropped cardigans to avoid creating a cone-shaped frame. It will help slim down your wide shoulders, big bust and big arms. Remember that light colors/details highlight and expand.

For slim women, opt for cropped cardigans with cropped sleeves, because they make the arms look longer and provides an impression that the woman is taller.

Another way of wearing it is to balance it out with an A-line skirt or dress, or flared jeans or anything that creates curves around your hips and thighs, if you don’t have a wide bottom.

If you want to look modern in a cropped cardigan, wear it with something unexpected. For example wear it over a pretty dress and finish the look with a skinny belt and a hat if you like.

Wear a cotton cardigan/sweater as a full sweater and tuck it in a pencil skirt. Add trendy accessories into the mix to throw off the old fashion look of the short cardigan such as a nice belt, earrings, oversized cocktail ring or a pair of high heels.

A waist and sleeve-short cardigan can be worn with other clothes and styled in different ways to create multiple outfits for various occasions:

Dress it up according to where you are going

For a casual look, a nice camisole/ tank or slim fitted plain t-shirts are pretty much basic garments to pair it with. But to change the look of the outfit, try something that adds some interest and texture like a print top or a bold necklace with a tunic tee.

For office work, wear a cropped sweater with a dress, blouse or dress shirt. Or pair it with a pencil skirt or high waist dress pants.
After putting together the basic pieces (top and bottom garments) add jewelry. A piece of jewelry can set the mood of the ensemble. For example a statement pearl necklace and a skinny belt with a pair of dress pants and a cute cropped cardigan worn as a full sweater.

On special occasions, there’s no need to skimp on the glamour and glitter. Depending on the occasion, dress the cardigan up or add the unexpected flair with accessories and clothes that you don’t normally wear on a daily basis. You can add a brooch or a fabric flower on the right side of the chest for an elegant look.
For example a decorated short cardigan can be layered over a short black dress adding texture to the black outfit. You can also pair a cropped cardigan with a mini dress or over a party top and leggings or tuck it in the knee-length skirt.


Cropped sweaters are available in all boutiques and markets of Rwanda ranging from Rwf5000 and above depending on where you buy it. Once you buy it, try different ideas in this article and you will never underestimate the power of a cropped sweater.



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