Wednesday 05 September, 2012

Rwanda : The most selling shoes in Kigali, ladies popular market

Yves Mugirwanake displaying one of the most trending shoes

Yves Mugirwanake displaying one of the most trending shoes

We agree heels are glamorous and they bring out the elegant look especially when paired with party going outfits. Attend the party and you will see women parading in pumps and peep toe platform shoes.

They are known as western celebrity shoes to some people. In Rwanda, heels are worn by youth and fashionable women to different occasions. Some are worn with casual outfits and others with ceremonial garments.

Kigali city like other trendy towns in the world has fashionistas that are quick to know what is in vogue. A lot of shoes used shoes (second hand) and new ones are available in many stores but sellers specialize in certain brands to suit their customer’s demand.

Double platform pump

Double platform pump

“Young women come looking for these particular shoes here. Some end up almost crying when the shoe they liked does not fit,” explains Yves Mugirwanake; who deals in ladies shoes at a small market next to kobil station, a few metres from Rubangura building.

When asked on how shoe sellers come to know the trending shoe that particular year, Mugirwanake said they visit internet to know what is on fashion before they start shopping.

“At times, many customers come looking for a particular style of shoe before you visit the internet. In this case, you know that shoe is on trend and shop accordingly,” Mugirwanake adds.

The most selling shoes in Kigali, ladies popular market

According to Mugirwanake, heels are worn on special occasions because its rare to see women walking on street in heels.

If anybody wants fashionable shoes at fair prices, this market next to Kobil petrol station is the place to go. There are varieties of shoes and bags, so you will be spoilt for choice.







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