Saturday 08 September, 2012

Rwanda : Secrets to make your makeup a whole day lasting

In Rwanda, like other countries, ladies wear make up for different reasons. Some put it for beauty enhancement and others to cover spots on their skin which makes makeup a universal woman essential.

However, it’s disappointing to apply your makeup and stay with the need to visit the ladies room to check and perhaps add something to your face after some hours.

A woman with facial makeup

A woman with facial makeup

A feeling of beauty should be a joy forever or at least lasts until five o’clock.

Here are tips on how to stretch the life of your makeup

Foundation (flesh-toned face cosmetic that creates a uniform color)

“Oil-free formulas stay put best, since they don’t contain the emollient ingredients that can make makeup slide off your face,” says Landy Dean, a makeup artist at the Marie Robinson Salon, in New York City. But if your skin is on the dry side, you will need to use a hydrating formula.

To keep it in place, first let your moisturizer sink in completely (for five minutes or more) before spreading on the foundation. Then lock it in with translucent powder, which will help soak up oils that can accelerate fading.

Eye Shadow

For an enduring daytime look, first apply an eye-shadow base or any concealer that doesn’t feel too oily, then topping it with powder shadow. Priming your lids will help the powder adhere. (This trick won’t work if you use cream shadow, which has more slip to it.)

For deeper, evening-appropriate color that lasts, just layer on matching cream and powder shadows, putting the cream on first. If you prefer to skip layering, any powder shadow can be set sufficiently when applied with a damp makeup brush.


The formula is key—liquid and gel liners last longer than pencil. But if you can’t part with your beloved pencil, trace over it with a matching eye shadow (use a slant-tip brush or the pointy tip of a foam applicator). The powder helps to set the pencil.

Blush cosmetic

Again, it’s all about the formula, says Sarah Lucero, a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. Pick a gel, liquid or cream cheek stain; they’re all highly pigmented, which is why they last longer, but they go on sheer, so you can add color gradually until you get the intensity you are after.

If you prefer powder blush, try a slightly brighter shade than what you think you should use; it will fade throughout the day into something more subtle but still noticeable.

For easy application, sweep powder on in an X over the apple of each cheek. This will punch up your pigment load (allowing a little extra for fading) and guarantee that the strongest concentration of color is in the perfect place.

Mascara (a cosmetic for darkening and thickening the eye lashes)

If you want to avoid runoff, go for a waterproof formula. Any kind of moisture, whether its humidity, tears, or sweat, makes non-waterproof mascara come off. Barely touch the wand to your lashes and apply in quick layers before the formula starts to dry. (Applying after the mascara dries can cause clumping (thick grouping) and flaking (flat thin layer or faded layer).




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