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Rwanda : Guide to Buying and Wearing Tops for ladies

With Rwandan ladies marching with the fashion industry, everyone tries to be fashionable in all cloth types of which tops are inclusive. It’s for that matter that Rwandan clothing stores, boutiques and markets are ever updating their displays with fashionable tops and blouses.

Tops and blouses are every woman’s essential because they are worn on skirts, shorts, pants and jeans. They are available in plenty of styles, designs, colours and textures which make it easy for every woman to own as many as she can.

Before buying, it’s good to know your personal style (body figure, face shape and colors you want because some top styles look better on others, and some necklines flatter other women’s top half better than yours.

Guide to Buying


Other factors that are worth considering when you’re buying fashion tops are: neckline, length and hem shape, sleeve shape and more. Also, it’s important to purchase a few new things each season so as to keep up with the trends.

How to build a solid closet with Tops

Whether you have a lot of money or you are on a low budget, if you want to get the most out of your money and wardrobe, it’s good to secure the basic and timeless tops first, before adding the latest fashion trends.

These pieces can easily be accessorized into multiple outfits and are much flexible in creating various looks. Some top styles can be worn from day to night, going from casual to a dressy outfit and they are versatile for most occasions and events.

There are 3 types of fashion tops that you should secure to keep you covered all-year-around and these are:

Casual tops

Guide to Buying 1

Basic tees/t-shirts for layering and simple cotton tops in solids with minimal details are great for everyday wear and can also be worn to many dressier occasions as long as you accessorize and match them right.

Dressy tops

Guide to Buying 2

Dress shirts, blouses and tops with cute and dressy details are essentials for dressier occasions, office wear and dinner parties or when you need to look cute and sophisticated at a birthday party.

 Party tops

Guide to Buying 3

Party tops also known as club wear are sexy and slightly daring. Secure them in styles that highlight your best assets such as fashionable party tops with a low neckline, cut outs, open back, or bust enhancing bustier.

Guide to Buying 4



The best way to fill your wardrobe is to focus on tops that are basic in solid color and style, and add the trendier ones after. Invest in versatile women’s tops that can be easily transformed into different outfit combinations just by switching the belts, scarves, bags and jewelry.

What to consider when buying tops

  • Make sure that the clothes compliment your eyes, hair color, and skin tone. For example, light skinned look good in navy blue tops or other clothes. You can even enhance a fair complexion with medium tones of color (like blue or green) and a dark complexion with pastels (like pink, yellow, or aqua).


  • Choose classics. Look for blouses and tops that can be worn at any time of the day or night. Plain fabrics and simple, low-key prints are easy to coordinate.


  • Tops are good to change frequently because they tend to be fairly inexpensive and do not need to be made out of the best fabrics to look nice.


  • Sleeveless styles can be layered to extend your wardrobe.


  • Buy three-quarter length sleeves that can be worn at any time of the year.


  • Choose tops that fit and accent the upper part of your figure. Consider a larger size if it looks better on you and remember to choose dark colors and v-necks for a slimming effect.


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