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Rwanda : How to Wear Pencil Skirts as Work wear

A pencil skirt is tight clothing and follows the body shape of one wearing it. You can dress it up or down depending on where you are going.

Pencil skirts are so named because they have a way of making women’s legs pencil thin and keep them close together by having a straight and narrow cut.

Although many of these skirts will be too short for the workplace, they may be appropriate for work if it follows your company’s dress code.

Rwanda | High waisted pencil skirt for work












When thinking about how to wear a pencil skirt, consider the following:

When wearing a pencil skirt to work, choose a high waisted style and make sure that it is not too body hugging.

Neutral colors are best for a work environment, however if your dress code allows for color, then go for it.

A tucked in blouse, cropped blazer and pumps teamed with a pencil skirt is a classic work wear look.

How to Wear Pencil

  Cropped jacket                                      Heels

Tops and Blouses

Pencil skirts work well with complementary colours. Wearing a striped blouse may be problematic because the pencil skirt is already going to make you look thinner and taller by drawing your legs together.

Vertical stripes will add to the illusion that you are taller and horizontal stripes will throw off the lines of the skirt. Go for print patterns like flowers instead of stripes.


Pantyhose (Women’s thin nylon body tights) will help even out your look to whatever color fits your style that day. They will also keep your legs warm if it is a little bit cold outside. If you wear an off-color pair of pantyhose like yellow or red you will need something above the waistline to match.

Beige, brown, black, and white pantyhose are probably the most popular. Beige or “neutral” hose will go with anything. You can also wear “nude” hose that make your real skin color come out.

Purses and shoes

How to Wear Pencil

Purses and shoes need to complement both the skirt and blouse. If you are wearing a black skirt and blue blouse you can choose your purse to be one of these colours or intermingle both colours into the purse.

Shoes should stay one solid color and be different from your panty hose color. Black is always a good choice for shoes when wearing a pencil skirt.

Note that these types of skirts are appropriate for casual dates and girl’s nights out.


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