Wednesday 30 May, 2012

Rwanda | Blouses and sweaters to wear with Skinny Jeans

According to history, skinny jeans appeared on the scene in 1950 by some actors like Roy Rogers and 1960 by women due to gender promotion issues.

In 1990, skinny jeans became a hot trend in fashion by prominent singers like Micheal Jackson.

Because fashion evolves, baggy jeans (a.k.a big star in Rwanda now) replaced skinny jeans but; skinny jeans became a fashion item again in 2000 because of Super Model Kate Moss.

Although a lot of people think they can’t wear skinny jeans, it’s really all about proportion, and here are a few general rules of how to wear skinny jeans.

Wear skinny jeans with a voluminous top

As we said, it’s all about proportion, and if you’re going to go with tight pants on the bottom, try and offset them with some volume on top.  A tunic works great, as do baby doll tops.

Blouses and sweaters

If this style do not work for you, a fitted jacket or a wrap sweater looks great with skinny jeans too.

Blouses and sweaters

If your skinny jeans aren’t super skin-tight, you may not need to pay so much attention to this rule.

Figure flattering tops are a good pair to skinny jeans

Ultimately, wear what you like and feel good in. Give yourself permission to opt out of any trend that doesn’t work for you. You can be stylish and modern without being trendy.

Blouses and sweaters

Figure flattering tops

Go for a dark wash/color.

Mostly, skinny jeans look best on thin and perfectly proportioned people. However, plus size also can look good in them if worn depending on the body shape.

When out shopping, fit is key, but dark colors generally are more slimming than light colors. If you are plus size, a skinny jean in a dark, consistent wash will make you look abit slim.

Blouses and sweaters

Note that all the styles of tops and sweaters that go with skinny jeans also work well with leggings or jeggings. Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans and are a hot trend in fashion now. Leggings are an alternative of skinny jeans.

Its your choice to have any colour or material you want, and since skinny jeans are on fashion nowadays in Rwanda,one can be spoilt for choice.Good luck,we meet next time on what type of shoes to wear with skinny jeans.



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