Wednesday 30 May, 2012

Rwanda | Things that attract men to women

Some people always ask why most men take time to admire and talk to some women even with no big reason and sometimes it becomes a long story where they keep seeing each other again. Some people even ask themselves why men always take the first step to woo women, as we are going to see, women have secrets that attract men towards them and among those, eleven of them are discussed below.

  1. Smile: most men are attracted by a nice smile of a woman and smile is one of the weapons that women use to attract men and makes it easy for them to connect to men mentally.
  2. The make/figure of a woman: the way a woman is shaped or her figure attracts men towards her, her physical beauty, her size and her physical make and these can make a man take her first step to wooing a certain woman. If her physical beauty is combined with having a good heart, then that woman is certainly attractive.
  3. The voice: the voice of a woman can attract a man, and when her voice is smooth and soft and full of grace and kindness, it keeps praying in the mind of the man and keeps replaying the discussion they had together and consequently being attracted to her.
  4. The gaze: the way a woman gazes can tell a hundred things. The gaze or a woman’s eyes can attract a man without analyzing anything else on that same woman.
  5. Long hair: long and beautiful hair can also attract a man towards a woman, hair shows the beauty of a woman and it carries her respect.
  6. Soft skin: height and mouth: a woman with a beautiful soft skin, beautiful lips and medium height is a beautiful one in the eyes of men who see her because these are essential in attracting men.
  7. The size: most men in this generation are attracted to women who are not fat and who are not very slim that are portable.
  8. A caring heart: a woman with a caring heart, who can make jokes and who knows how to discuss attracts men as they can make men relax while talking to them and joking with them. Men usually fall in love with such women because they connect to them quickly.
  9. Wise and knowledgeable: a woman with beauty combined with wisdom and knowledge is the most attractive among all women. When a woman is beautiful but is slow in thinking is a major turnoff and disappointment to most men but the one with both leaves men amazed and they attract men so easily.
  10. Independence: women who are independent and can make decisions on their own without asking for guidance from others are most attractive to men.
  11. Trust worthy and loving: a man is attracted to a woman who is trustworthy and is capable of loving him back. The one who receives people that come to her well and appreciates others, shows respect and is honest as the website explains.
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