Thursday 12 April, 2012

Rwanda : Have old clothes to discard, give them a new look

It is possible to wear some durable clothes for long and you get tired of them. In this situation, the best option is to give them away to charities or garbage them as some may do.

Before taking them out, wait a minute and think about creating a new use for your clothes. Truthfully, this might not be thought about by many but giving old clothes a new look is simple and exciting.

Following these examples will leave your wardrobe fashionable and trendy. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Knee-Length Coat

Tired of your knee-length coat? Coats tend to be big-ticket items, so it’s a shame to eliminate them from your wardrobe.

Instead update old styles by cropping, adding new buttons, narrowing boxy shoulders, or shortening sleeves. Crop it above the waist so that you can wear it year-round with jeans or a skirt.

Have old clothes 1

Before:Knee-length coat After: Cropped jacket


People generally associate altering a hemline (bottom edge of a skirt) with shortening the piece. But this miniskirt called for a different solution.

To extend the length (and therefore the life) of a short skirt, sew a 3-inch-wide strip of fabric to the hem. Go for contrast (in color or texture) so that the extension looks intentional rather than accidental. Use a material that is almost similar in texture.

Have old clothes 2

Before: Mini skirt After: Not-so-mini skirt

Full Skirt

Changing the line of a skirt can give it a dramatic new look at little cost. Bubble skirts are on fashion and owning one at a low cost would be wonderful.

A tailor can turn a full, flowy style into an of-the-moment bubble skirt by sewing at the hem a tunnel wide enough to contain an elastic cord. You will probably need to be present during the process so the tailor can adjust the tightness.

Have old clothes 3

Before: Full skirt After: Bubble Skirt

Collared Shirt

Yes, a collared shirt is a basic but it can become boring as well. Chopping off a stiff collar can make a button-down shirt feel much less of a corporate wear. This is a good solution, too, for a collar that has gotten roughed up and stained with makeup: You can remove it and save the shirt.

Have old clothes 4

Before: Scoop-Neck Top After: Banded-Collar Blouse

Plain Blue Top

To add drama to the neckline of a dressy blouse, ask for a piece of inexpensive jewelry or use your old jewelry to be stitched onto the plain top. Choose a style with links or loops so the tailor can stitch between them. You will have a different top at the end of the day that can go places.

Have old clothes 5Before: Plain blue top   After: Embellished Top

Black Cocktail Dress

You spent more than you care to remember on this lovely dress, and then you wore it once or twice. If you want to change the look, turn it into a formal peplum (peplum is a short flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s dress or blouse).

Since the original piece has a fitted bodice and flare at the hips, the tailor can cut the skirt at midhip and discard any lining to make the top a little lighter.

Have old clothes 6

Before: Cocktail dress After: Dressy top

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