Wednesday 21 March, 2012

Rwanda : What to wear on a wedding

A dress for a wedding party

A dress for a wedding party

Choosing what to wear to a friends or relatives wedding party can be tiresome especially with various collections from different designers and fashion trend changing all the time.

However, there are ways on how one can dress for any occasion and a guide to the modern do’s and don’ts of proper attire for a wedding makes it easier as it shows what colour and fabric to wear and not to wear to a wedding as Ingela Ratledge writes.

The old rule has it that “Don’t wear white or black or red” and the new etiquette says: “Black and red are perfectly fine but white is still the ultimate wedding no-no”.

Concerning the colour to choose, let the invitation, the season, and the hour be your guides on what to wear to a wedding. Try consulting the bride or the maid about the colour theme and then choose the right colour.

What to avoid:”For day weddings, which tend to be more casual, steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined,” says Lauren A. Rothman, founder of Style Auteur, a fashion-consulting firm.

Instead, opt for a knee-length dress in a material like cotton; in warmer weather or regions, strapless styles and open-toed shoes get the nod of approval.

Simple hats” also earn a thumbs-up, says Amy Lindquist, head of Lindquist Fashion & Image Consulting.

If the ceremony is in the afternoon and the reception in the evening and the invitation does not specify dress, assume the event is semiformal, which calls for a cocktail dress or an evening suit in a color that will not upstage the bride. “Pale pink is fine but hot pink is not,” says Lindquist.

Black tie once meant floor-length gowns but now dresses as short as knee-length are acceptable, provided they have a semiformal or formal cut and fabric; silk or a silk blend.


Black tie floor-length gowns

Black tie floor-length gowns

As for wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress in a house of worship, some have strict rules about covering up, so bring a wrap.

Should you be invited to the rehearsal dinner, “they vary greatly in formality, so note where it’s being held,” says Lizzie Post, an etiquette authority, an author, and a spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute.

In general, “cocktail-party rules apply,” says Joseph Williamson, a fashion stylist. Save your better outfit for the big day, but wear something dressy to the dinner.

A dress and a jacket or a cardigan with some sparkle would be nice. But keep it understated.” Remember, there’s only one shining star at matrimonial parties, and that star is not you.


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