Friday 24 February, 2012

Rwanda : Fashion crimes celebrities commit

In our last article “what kind of outfits do celebrities wear”, we said there are no specific outfits for celebrities that other people cannot access but what makes the difference is creating their own fashion styles with the help of designers.

We do think celebrities rank number one in committing fashion crimes these days instead of becoming fashion trend setters. These celebrities are among this week’s worst-dressed stars according to Matt Whitfield features editor for Yahoo!

Fashion crimes 1

Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker

You can call it celebrity fashion or uniqueness but we think Sarah Jessica Parker was badly dressed for the red carpet. Well the dress would be okay but the bikers’ jacket and white gloves? This “killed” the whole look and it’s hard to categorize this look as casual or ceremonial or something.

Fashion crimes 2

Celebrity Heidi klum

Whether you agree or not, this look is kind of stuffy (no fresh air) and disorganized although colours are matched. It’s just too much; multi colored pants, over sized multi colored sweaters, the boots, the scarf, cap, and the sun goggles.

Fashion crimes 3

Celebrity KanyeWest

Well, Ladies and gentlemen it’s no sin to use one colour but only if it was in different hues to brighten the outfit a bit. We believe this cute designers coat was misplaced on a shirt fully buttoned and these tight pants, the shoes, the belt! Fashion police would have helped if these celebrities are kind of fashion arrested sometimes.

Fashion crimes 4

Celebrity Rihanna

Gorgeous Rihanna! Nice pair of pants, boots and netlike top. Is this a celeb style or individual fashion style? Good colour matching for sure but we think it might be summer and the celeb couldn’t afford the heat so she opted for something that breathes. However, it’s a good idea when you think about the beach or swimming pool.

Creativity and uniqueness is perfect and advisable in the fashion world but be careful not to commit fashion crimes and call it your own style because how public takes it somehow matters.

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