Wednesday 08 February, 2012

Meet Patrick Muhire the talented fashion designer

Meet Patrick Muhire the

Patrick Muhire is popularly known for being the designer of most university beauty pageants in the country. At 30 years of age, he has already achieved a lot.

Among the many things that Muhire does include dressing up guest at cultural introduction functions, an art that he has mastered well. He also organises wedding receptions and other functions. He discloses that he does things according to the tastes of his clients.

Muhre discovered his talent for the first time during his sister’s wedding. He says:” we had moved around the city looking for clothes to put on at my sister’s introduction ceremony, but failed. Everything we got had already been used by others so many times. This marked my turning point when I decided to design my own garments,” say the entrepreneurial Muhire.

In 2008, Patrick designed attires for “Miss UNR” up to the level of choosing the last two that would represent Rwanda for Miss East Africa2009. 

He also attended fashion competitions that took place in Congo Brazzaville and won an award for “Most Original creations.”

To Muhire, being smart is not putting on expensive attires, but knowing how to match them.

Muhire says that he creates 90 percent of what he uses in his fashion designing.  His design label is “Inkanda” and his fasion house is called “Inkanda House” names which have deep cultural meanings.

In February, Muhire plans to hold a fashion show as a way of displaying and introducing work of Inkanda House. The show will be called ‘Bagire Ikanda ‘ and will attract models from different parts of the world. Muhire has already got four girls from Kenya, one from Belgium, two boys from America and one from Uganda.

He says that they have already confirmed attendance as he also continues to within Rwanda for potential models.

The multi-talented Muhire also tries his hands in other things like painting, interior designing, decorating at functions and others.



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Umunyamideri Patrick Muhire arakataje mu bikorwa bye
Umunyamideri Patrick Muhire arakataje mu bikorwa bye

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