Saturday 28 January, 2012

What kind of outfits do celebrities wear?

What kind of outfits

A celebrity is a person who is widely recognized in a given society and commands a degree of public and media attention. Being a celebrity is becoming a public figure which might go with no privacy as public eyes are always on you.

Most young people in Rwanda aspire to become celebrities, a reason why some upcoming artists struggle to develop talents that are not actually God given especially in the music industry.

In reality, celebrities do not have their own world where they buy materials that the rest of the people cannot access. What makes the difference is that they mind so much about their dressing since they are public figures to an extent that they expensively hire private designers all in the name of being unique.

In abid to keep their position, no celebrity will love wearing a common outfit because it can as well attract the public attention hence devaluing his or her class since a celebrity appear to be belonging to some kind of class according to the thinking of many.

Accordingly, celebrities have gone too far to use bizarre materials to make outfits like meat among others all in the name of being unique just because the public is always eying them. Because of this, celebrities try too hard to be fashionable by coming out with their individual styles, using bright fabric colors, having almost impossible designs so that they become trendy.

If you ever wondered where celebrities buy their clothes or how they get their styles, it’s easy for you only if you get an inspiration; draw your fashion style on a paper, buy the material you want and visit the tailor for a unique unusual you.

Here are tips on how to dress like a celebrity, but the best way is to find your own sense of style.

  • Buy Quality clothing; try picking things that are well made not necessarily expensive instead of filling your wardrobe with clothes.


  • Make your clothing fit, the same way you will never see a celebrity walking down the red carpet without something tailored to fit her. Buy the size that fits you, the best clothes are the ones that flatter your every curve


  • Accessorize; Celebrities always have a way to accessorize up their outfit. Find a couple of things like red leather bag to make your outfit unique


  • Focus on one color; pick one bold color that flatters your skin type and stock up and make it your own


  • Try a pair of oversized sun glasses and passersby will wonder just who is behind them. It’s a celebrity thing to hide behind a pair of oversized sunglasses.
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