Tuesday 13 December, 2011

Is Daddy de Maximo leaving showbiz?

After being flogged and beaten by bad people, Daddy de Maximo Mwicira Mitali is leaving Rwandan showbiz(show in business) that is modeling, showing cinemas and others.

As he on the 20th.Nov in a Sunday night show with Isango Star, he is going to take a break from showbiz as it seems what happened to him is related to what he does. As he himself explained about what happened to him on the night of 9th.Nov, he reached his home at Gishushu in Kigali town by midnight and started working as usual. He was working on designs he wanted to give to one of his customers. He was also working on cartoons he was to use in his film called “By the shortcut” he is planning to take to a production house in France called ‘Sur la Frontière-Cinéma Documentaire’ in Paris.

Later, there came two tall and strong men and they had a pistol. They asked him many questions about his work and if he is a gay (homosexual). After, they tied him to a chair in his sitting room and started pouring water on him and beating him and then poured petrol on him and lit fire on him. Fortunately because of water they had poured on him he was not burned but the chair he was sitting on got burnt.

He tried to run away but one of them almost pierced his neck with a knife but he put there his arm which sustained the injuries. He was helped by a neighbor who called for help after hearing the noise made by the cupboard when it fell. He recently came from the hospital(CHUK) where his arm was operated. He was even seen attending different celebrations where he was invited like in closing Peace and Reconciliation week in ULK and the wedding of Ally Souddy.

Rwandans are not used to having gays as it is with Daddy de Maximo and they are not happy with what happened to him. Some are even asking him to reconsider his ways. However, he does not think like that, he is asking the government to give freedom to everyone to live and love whoever one wants disregarding sex. He says that he doesn’t like commentaries that are written about him on internet since they degrade him and deny him his dignity.

The question we ask ourselves is whether those who beat him did it because he is a gay, or because he is a gay in showbiz or because of the fact that he is in showbiz so that if he leaves he will be safe. Up to now, the police is still investigating his case.


Daddy de Maximo is known in Rwanda and outside Rwanda because of modeling, being a designer. Making films like “By the shortcut” which is a documentary of Tutsi Genocide in 1994.



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