Thursday 23 June, 2016

How desperate Rwandan women are using padded pants to give themselves the perfect derriere

   Whoever said that women can do anything to look beautiful did not lie! Today’s version of beauty is on a higher level like Doris Lessing said “Women are slaves to their beauty”. This is manifested in the way trendy cosmetics, shape wears (padded undies) among others are flooding the market, and how some of […]

Tips on how to shrink your pores
Tuesday 21 June, 2016

Tips on how to shrink your pores

A pore is an opening in a surface, especially the skin or integument of an organism, through which gases, liquids, or microscopic particles may pass. Most people who have large pores are those with oily to combination skin types, says Jen Adkins, Skin Care Expert.   Even if you have large pores, your skin can […]

Dakota Midi Dress
Tuesday 21 June, 2016

Inexpensive graduation dresses to invest in

I remember how much I spent on my University graduation dress. As it was then, it’s more now where students are always up and down shopping for befitting dresses days before graduation. Graduation dress can be expensive and challenging to get. The following are shopping guides according to www.realsimple.com, to help you choose a dress […]

m_The best jeans to flatter larger thighs
Monday 20 June, 2016

The best jeans to flatter larger thighs

Find your body’s most flattering jeans If you’ve got meaty or athletic legs, you know it can be a challenge to shop for jeans. Women with heavier thighs often get frustrated when shopping for jeans because it’s hard to find the right pair to flatter your figure, without emphasizing the size of your upper legs. Don’t […]

m_Best Jeans pockets for your butt shape
Monday 20 June, 2016

Best Jeans pockets for your butt shape

A lot has been said about jeans but the fact that ideas are always flowing on how to wear them, means they are an item we should have in the closets. When you go shopping for new jeans, one of the first things you do when trying on a pair is to turn your back […]

Saturday 11 June, 2016

Light-weight denim pieces for summer style

We love denim to bits but the fabric can sometimes feel heavy in the hotter months. Thankfully, there plenty of fashion designers have introduced light-weight denim styles you can wear comfortably and stylishly in the summertime. Most of these are crafted from light and airy chambray (a woven denim that’s smoother and lighter in weight […]

m_How to wear bathing suit cover-ups off the beach
Saturday 04 June, 2016

How to wear bathing suit cover-ups off the beach

Your bathing suit cover-ups are good for more than just the beach or poolside lounging. Your cover-ups too can look chic when styled as street-wear, just like navy and black can be worn together and still make up a cohesive and harmonious ensemble. The same philosophy works in vice versa too! You can use items […]